Hi! I'm Alexandra Frock.

I'm a 21-year-old who's been working in Web and software development for 3+ years, mainly on projects related to video games. I live in the Philadelphia/NYC metro area - feel free to contact me if you like my work and want to work together.



GroupBundl.es (2017-2019)

GroupBundl.es makes video game multi-packs - i.e. when a retailer offers multiple of the same item for a lower price-per-item - easy to split between multiple people.

Visit GroupBundl.es Semantic UI, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

Gloss (2018-2019)

Gloss tracks information about PC video games and sends notifications to various instant messaging and social media apps, including Steam, Discord, Twitter, and through web browsers.

Visit Gloss Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

Boutique (2019)

Boutique is a configurable Web site written using React that showcases a user's video game reviews from the computer gaming platform Steam. It's designed to be as easy to set up for the end user as possible.

View an example site View the source code Bootstrap, Node.js, React, HTML5, CSS3

ItemRates.app (2019)

ItemRates.app is a Web site that shows the current rates for virtual in-game "items" on official and third-party markets.

Visit ItemRates.app View the source code Node.js, HTML5, CSS3
After the Collapse

After the Collapse (2017-2019)

After the Collapse is a post-apocalyptic base-building survival game. At Anarkis Gaming, I wrote the Lua-based modding framework, integrated platform-specific features, and worked on other small engine features and fixes.

Visit Anarkis Gaming Buy After the Collapse C#, .NET, MonoGame, Lua
Unending Galaxy

Unending Galaxy (2016-2017)

Unending Galaxy is a 4X space opera real-time strategy game. At Anarkis Gaming, I integrated Steamworks features and wrote a Workshop tool in .NET.

Visit Anarkis Gaming Buy Unending Galaxy C#, .NET, Delphi Pascal, FireMonkey
Hypest Team

Hypest Team (2018-2019)

Hypest Team is an e-sports center based in Brussels, Belgium. I redesigned the front of their Web site, and wrote a custom CRM (customer relationship management) application for tracking memberships. The publicly-facing site is currently finishing construction.

Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3

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